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Class of 3 to 6- year-olds

In our Children's House, your child will develop various qualities such as self-confidence, autonomy, willpower, creativity, compassion and perseverance.

He will work on the acquisition of many skills such as concentration, reasoning, problem solving, autonomy, care of oneself, others and the environment. Academic knowledge and skills will follow spontaneously.

The child will achieve all of this through their own efforts in the environment, through sensorial exploration, observation and collaboration.

The environment offers developmental material in 6 different areas: practical life, sensorial development, culture (geography, botany, zoology, music, art, science), language, mathematics.

Throughout the morning there are times for individual work and group activities. The child is free to participate or not in a presentation or a group activity.

Annual fees for the school year 2023/2024


Registration fee - CHF 200

4 x mornings (16 hours per week) - CHF 7488 

5 x mornings (20 hours per week) - CHF 9360 

Tuition fees include supervision by Montessori-trained adults in a prepared environment, classroom supplies, morning snack, free access to workshops offered at the Centre by teachers, a reduced price for workshops given by outside professionals, free access to the outings and parties group.

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